As this blog is all about sustainable living I thought it appropriate to write a few words about the wonderful weekend we had at

Growing our own food and producing our own power sustains the body: Yoga is sustenance for the Mind, Body & Soul.


This weekend was fantastic! The amazing, sunny Summer Solstice certainly helped the wonderfulness but sun or no sun…I’d definitely recommend this yoga fest to anyone interested in yoga, healthy food, chilled-outness and meeting nice people. I tried a few different classes from the huge selection of styles at the fest… from Hatha through Iyengar, Kundalini, Ashtanga, Shivam, Vinyass to the upbeat and the inspirational I’d say there was definitely something there for everyone … Some of the classes were evenย  held outside.

And for those of us with kids… you could bring them with you (for free!). Bonus ๐Ÿ™‚ Older kids were welcome to join in and there was free childcare for the little ones. the older ones had an absolute ball with the new friends they made… playground on site… impromptu two-day football tournament… kids yoga and storytelling in the Seomra Spraoi tent.

We had a lovely summer solstice ceremony celebrating and connecting with the divine feminine and the divine male.

This was the second year of the festival and I asked the organiser if it’ll be happening again next year. No promises but …here’s hoping … Maybe see you there in 2015

P.s. it’s great value too … 45e/person for a weekend ticket… kids free…free childcare…need I say more ๐Ÿ™‚


I’ve just finished a Social Media Marketing course with a view to expanding my business OneWorld Language Services. I’ve always thought of my “lifestyle” and this blog as something very separate from my career and it never occurred to me, until now, to mention the fact that I’m a translator. I am. My name is Lorna and I’m a translator. I love translating … especially all things sustainable ๐Ÿ™‚

Working as a translator (Spanish to English) is actually a huge part of my life, as is being a mother and living off-grid. So maybe, just maybe. it deserves a mention on this blog. Sustainable living and all things “eco” is what I’m passionate about and, by extension, it’s what I love to translate about. The website is in the pipeline but for the meantime. my online translation home is here:


There, my secret’s out!

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