Twas a strange auld day today on Sliabh an Iarainn (Iron Mountain as Gaeilge)… hailstones …. yes, in July!… followed by blues skies followed by rain. Looking out through the rain I noticed the Jostaberry outside my bedroom window was dripping with fruit (good to have things you don’t want to forget  just outside your window). When the next dry spell came I saw my opportunity and went for it.  Mission: Josta Jam.



Had a bag of sugar in the press. Liam was good enough to grab some lemons on his way home from town. Strawberries just for show…far too yummy to make jam out of 🙂


So, 10 cups of berries. 8 cups of sugar, a  half cup of lemon and 4 cups of good Arigna spring water later … we now have yummy Josta Jam to savour and share. This recipe uses slightly less sugar than usual .. I try to cut down on sugar as my daughter has type 1 diabetes.


Look forward to trying a spoonful in a pot of natural yoghurt. Far nicer than the shop bought yoghurts full of artificial sweeteners, flavours and colours!


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Landed in Leitrim: setting roots, growing trees, living off the land