The Merits of Comfrey…

Eat your weeds …

Permaculture …

Notes on hedge-laying… A-shape. 2ft wide trench with compost. Stagger trees 1ft apart. Whitethorn 45degree angle. Trim off 1/2 to 2/3 of total height. 1st 2-3 years remove half of new growth in winter. Mulch base of rows annually. Apply organic feed just before this. Once established (4-5 yrs old), introduce climbers (honeysuckle, roses, clematis).

Harvesting Wild Mushrooms …. 15 Sept. 2009. Well, I’ve taken the plunge. Four hours have past and I’m still here. On the lawn, this evening, I found what could only be (???), I hope, 3 shaggy ink caps.  So I fried them up and had them for tea with some beans and a fried egg 🙂  Hmmm. If only I could find my camera. The twins were dying to try them but I thought better of it and promised, next time…

28 Sept. 2009. Went on a fungi foray yesterday organised by Knockvicar Organic Garden Centre. It was a great day and very empowering. I hope I will now be able to positively identify shaggy ink caps, common puffballs, wood hedgehogs and honey fungus (delicious!). Dying to get out for a walk in the woods to test my memory 🙂


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